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Welcome to our website, which we have launched in order to meet the growing interest in our products. We wish to thank our regular customers for the trust bestowed upon us and present our offer to potential new customers, whom we would happily welcome.

The Company "Anka" – Dumplings from Mszana Dolna has been producing delicatessen food, mainly dumplings and noodles, for 7 years. We have managed to achieve the leading position in our region by putting special emphasis on quality. Our products are highly popular among consumers, as evidenced by a continuous increase in sales and numerous positive opinions about our products that we keep receiving from various sources.

What distinguishes us from other companies on the dumplings market is the fact our products are handmade, which enables us to use a traditional recipe characterised by delicate dough, home-made stuffing and whole fruit in case of fruit dumplings. In the manufacturing process we use high-quality flour, cottage cheese, potatoes, meat from local abattoirs, as well as mushrooms and fruit from the forests of the Gorce mountain range.

We wish to ensure you that the highest quality production with the most competitive prices and reaching an even wider group of consumers through the ever-expanding national distributors’ network shall remain our Company’s priority.